What Makes us Unique?


We are the Multi-Family Market’s most profitable solution

We are able to convert building systems from legacy to Smart at a fraction of the new installation cost.

Building systems: from legacy to smart

We overlay IoT solutions by either installing new systems or by "strapping on boxes" that work with existing systems.

We increase net income, operational savings, control and risk mitigation

...by reducing system inefficiencies and staff time

...as a result of extracting meaningful actions from data

...created by loT overlay solutions and newly installed sensors.

Installation made easy

We use a patented plug and play process, which non-licensed contractors or low voltage technicians can install.

This hardware/software solution results in a 60% reduction of installation time and 60% reduction of CAPEX.

One smart platform

All of our managed systems, from remote intercoms to laundry reservations, are connected and integrated into one platform for ease of use.

Thanks to our integrated solution, you will be able to control payments, amenities, security, facilities and office administration.​

By adopting the Urban Sky Solution, you will be able to cut vendors from 11 to 3, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Manage by exception

All of our systems report status, and when an issue appears, our servers will self-correct. Maintenance will only need to intervene in case of rare physical damage to devices.

By streamlining and automating most building operations, we can dramatically increase efficiency.