About Us

Urban Sky was developed to provide new and unique solutions for the management of multi-family buildings, leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance control and profitability for building owners.

The challenges of operating older multifamily buildings safely and profitably are ones we know well as longtime building owners. Our technology addresses each of these challenges from a single platform that is both effective and reliable.

We’ve developed the revenue model, written the software, designed the hardware, and installed a complete solution that ensures our vision really works.


We believe that buildings are built to serve people and not the other way around.

We want buildings to perform at their full potential, for both owners and residents. Most look to expensive energy solutions with slow payback but we know that non-energy building systems yield higher returns without huge Cap Ex nor construction headaches.

That’s why we built the Urban Sky Building for you.


We use Internet of Things Technologies in the form of sensors and proprietary devices as well as cutting-edge software on existing building systems. By monitoring your building and fixing inefficiencies and underused assess, we give you back control.

Your building becomes safer while cutting operating costs and creating new sources of revenue.


Urban Sky is a Chicago-based company founded in 2014. It emerged out of an association of like-minded multifamily building owners who needed more effective ways to strengthen their investments after the 2010 real estate crash.


Silas Shadid


MS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in International business from U of I Chicago. Building owner for 12 years and for the last five years, Shadid has been fully focused on converting the loT’s hype into reality through development of hardware and software for the benefit of Building Owners

Dann Farquhar


Dann over 40 years in software development, database administration, IT infrastructure management and IT systems integration. Dann has been known to tame the international IT chaos for over 30 years as he oversees IT operations in dozens of countries and their secured IT integration into US servers. Farquhar has worked alongside Shadid at Urban Sky for the last few years on the complex hardware and software solutions from Joint Application Designs to functioning systems.

Stephen Fraser


Fraser is a veteran CEO having run private, public and private equity-backed companies He has led a number of corporate turnarounds, including a NYSE-listed company. Previously, Fraser ran a series of private-equity backed logistics companies.


Ron Niemaszyk

Financial Advisor

As a Shareholder in Patke and Associates, and Director of the firms’ investment partnership and broker/ dealer practice, Ron leads a team of professionals that offer a range of accounting, tax and cybersecurity services. His work has been focused on these industries for over 20 years, and in addition to providing accounting audit and tax service – He also acted as both an advisor and general partner in a variety of funds. Ron’s Clients leverage his knowledge to help them grow, acquire funding, forecast/model operations and maximize tax benefits and profitability.

Virgil Bistriceanu

Senior Technical Advisor

Virgil is a seasoned CTO for both startup and public companies. Virgil has been providing technology leadership for companies small and large for the past 20 years. This includes co-founder and CTO for MyPoints (successful IPO in 1999), a four-year stint with United Airlines as a Program Director, CTO for Centro Media and CTO for Municipal Media Solutions. He is a director on the board of Penta Technologies and a trusted technology advisor for the same. In addition, Virgil teaches Computer Science classes at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Jon Fieldman

IT/General Counsel

Jon is a hands-on business attorney who serves as outsourced general counsel to over 50 public and private companies, executives, and entrepreneurs. He identifies and mitigates risk, negotiates the substance of contracts, drafts employment agreements and provides consultation on sensitive job- related issues with a business approach to law. His Clients include senior executives, Executive Vice Presidents, and CEOs. He served as a CEO of a subsidiary of a public company and a CEO of a private equity portfolio company.