Urban Sky creates solutions to everyday problems that makes the tasks you perform every day faster, easier, and more enjoyable. From simple things like package deliveries to complex issues like reduced staff time, Urban Sky makes your building work better for you.


Improve your work-life balance 

Traditional buildings make it difficult to balance your work and life. Tasks like managing vacancies, collections, maintenance requests, and vandalism can make it impossible to control your schedule. Urban Sky makes it easier to manage your properties even when you are not there.

Save Money and Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Urban Sky helps you shorten daily tasks and save money and time. Many of your everyday activities can be made easier and simpler through improved technology and control.

Increase Your Control and Peace of Mind

Urban Sky goes beyond just installing cameras by installing implements state-of-the-art security features that keep you protected from small acts of vandalism to a serious potential security threat.

It has been tremendously handy to remotely control doors. Additionally, the camera system is very important for our building and a great deterrent. Our residents like the keyless Fob system and the Urban Sky Wi-Fi program.
— Zach, Ventus Holdings LLC (+250 units) - Property Manager
The Portal features makes it really easy to get quick access to information to conveniently manage residents
— Wilmeka (+500 units) - Property Manager